CIUS Research: Transportation Systems

A Smarter I-278 Corridor: Moving People, Freight, and the Regional Economy (2006-2009) [Link]

Robert E. Paaswell (City College), Albert Appleton and Benjamin Miller (CIUS Senior Fellows), José Holguin-Veras (RPI), and the Regional Plan Association; funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the New York State Department of Transportation.

Feasibility of Pocket Transload Facilities in New York City (2006-2007)

This paper will examine alternative strategies for public investment in rail freight infrastructure and economic development. Benjamin Miller (CIUS Senior Fellow).

An Evaluation of New York’s Full Freight Access Program and Harlem River Intermodal Rail Yard Project (2005) [Link]

This paper evaluates the past two decades of public investment in rail freight infrastructure in New York City. Benjamin Miller (CIUS Senior Fellow).

Next Stop, Bus Rapid Transit: Accelerating New York’s Bus System into a New Century (2003-2004) [Link]

This paper outlines a strategy for creating a comprehensive, world-class Bus Rapid Transit system in New York City that brings together the successful experiences of other cities with the unique challenges of New York. The study examines how each element of BRT can work in the New York context and proposes specific BRT treatments for First and Second Avenues in Manhattan, and Northern Boulevard in Queens. It also sketches a three-tiered strategy for bus service modernization across all five boroughs. Robert Paaswell, Al Appleton, and Todd Goldman; funded by the J.M. Kaplan Fund.

Assessing Transit Investment Priorities in New York City (2003) [Link]

This project represented a first-of-its-kind effort to assess these competing and complementary projects on a level playing field. Robert Paaswell (City College); Joseph Berechman, Todd Goldman and Herbert Levinson (UTRC); and Ross Weiner (City College); funded by the Partnership for New York City.

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