CIUS Research: Infrastructure Economics & Finance

Economic Competitiveness Performance Measures (2007-2008) [Link]

The research is intended to fully develop two annual, statewide, multi-modal, easily understood Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) can use to measure the state transportation system’s contribution to Economic Competitiveness. Robert Paaswell and Joseph Berechman (CCNY) and Jonathan Peters (College of Staten Island); funded by the New York State Dept. of Transportation.

Analysis of Capital Cost Elements for Light Rail Transit (2005) [Link]

This report examines three distinct types of cost growth: cost overruns, unit cost escalation, and project escalation. It suggests that training, peer reviews, less restrictive procurement requirements, and improved understanding of lifecycle costs and standards could help mitigate future cost growth. Robert Paaswell (City College); Todd Goldman, Ellen Thorson and Mark Seaman (UTRC); and Cameron Gordon (College of Staten Island); funded by the Federal Transit Administation.

Impacts of Deferred Investment on Capital and Operating Budgets (2004) [Link]

Robert Paaswell (City College), Todd Goldman (UTRC), and Jonathan Peters (College of Staten Island); funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Innovative Uses of Credit for Financing Infrastructure: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (2002) [Link]

This paper explains that using public credit to fund capital projects is more than a fiscal tool; it has important policy implications as well. James K. Cohen (John Jay College).

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