James K. Cohen, Ph.D.

Jim Cohen is Associate Professor of Public Management and Economics at John Jay College of the City University of New York. His areas of academic expertise include public finance, operations and capital budgeting, political economy, organizational theory and behavior and labor relations. He has practitioner experience with urban and inter-urban transportation organizations, state and local governments, and with labor organizations. Both as practitioner and academician, he has participated in projects involving policy analysis, budget-cost analysis and business planning, organizational development and both management and labor education and training.

Dr. Cohen’s recent consultancies include working with The New York City Transit Authority/Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, Upper Manhattan Empowerment (Economic Development) Zone and Transport Workers Union/Local 100. He directs the Program in Transportation Management and sits on the Boards of both the City University’s Institute for Transportation Systems and Institute for Urban Systems. He is currently at work on a cross-national research project studying relationships between financial system structures and mechanisms for financing public infrastructure.

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